The country-specific situation on policies and programs that exist to evaluate the pre-acquired key competences has been analyzed in each partner country:


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FRENCH Diagnostic

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KA 4 - Digital competence

Procedures of evaluating pre-acquired Skills

  (BA = Be Able)

Expected Competences

Detailed Competences

Procedure of evaluating the pre-acquired competences

Civic and ethics in the digital activity


BA to use IT and internet as well as respect its   rules and use

-    Identify and respect basic rules and laws related to its usage


-    Protect his/her identity and personal data


-    Show s proof of a critical spirit in front of the information coming   from digital sources and its use


-    Participate in a group work that respects all rules and stakes.




Research   work and use of data online, to coproduce an audiovisual reportage, that   presents the French learners and their learners.

Learn   the notions of rights of image, protection of personal data,…

Competences to create, produce and use data


BA able to create a digital document.

-     write and edit a text, organise a page layout


-     edit an image, voice or a video


-     Organise the composition of a document


-     prepare its presentation according to its destination




Creation   of a newsletter

Elaboration   of a reportage

Stock   and diffuse data on the website dedicated to the project See you Skills

Competences to learn, be informed and documented


BA   to search and choose relevant information, by taking into consideration the   richness and limitations of Internet resources.

-    Consult simple documentary data bases


-    Identify, choose and evaluate resources


-    Research and select a requested information.


Research   on the PACA region, Bouches du Rhône department, the county of Arles, the   Camargue, the residence village, the neighbourhood, the population,… to   present them to other learners.

Competences to communicate and exchange online


BA   to communicate, exchange and publish by using IT&C tools.



-    Write, send,   disuse and publish


-    Receive and send   e-mails including attached documents.


-    Use different   real communication tools online or offline (sms, skype, msn, chat, …).





Periodic   exchanges between learners and professionals